You can read what we have to say about ourselves, but we think you would much rather hear what other people have to say!

It is our joy to get to train people in relationship skills and hear about how their lives are transformed and changed for the better. Even those who find themselves at a training against their will (there are some) will later open up and express their thanks.

We live for these moments, to see relationships improved both in the workplace and at home!

What people
are saying...

“I’ve been with this company for 25 years. This is the first training I can actually take home with me. I think it will help me be a better husband and a better dad for my kids.”
At our most recent personal development seminar for our supervisors, we had the pleasure of working with Van and Tammy Benson of Motive Matters. We have had many seminars in the past but this seminar was by far the most intriguing and educational. We have had nothing but positive feedback on both The People Code and Van and Tammy. The People Code has done a great deal to boost morale, improve communications, and help us all
understand ourselves and our co-workers.
“I wanted to let you know that your teachings continue to have a positive impact with the
people here at our facility. It seems like at least once a day I hear someone (me a lot of the
times) talking about or referencing the color code and how to use it as a tool in dealing with
and understanding people.” 
This stuff sticks like super glue...
"This stuff sticks like super glue. I simply cannot imagine a day going by without refering to it several times."
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