Motive Matter is a leading provider of the Color Code (developed by Dr. Taylor Hartman, Ph. D.),
motive-based relationship training, emotional intelligence skills, and high performance teams.
If you are looking for a professional, high caliber learning and training experience facilitated by people who genuinely care, this is it...and it works!

“May I have this dance?” Van Benson said to Tammy Cruzan, in 1972, at Webb City’s Back to School Dance.  It was the last song of the night, the music from the popular group, Chicago; the song "Color My World." Ironically, 31 years later, they discovered "The Color Code," a tool that teaches relationship skills, based on the concept of MOTIVE.   

Because of their real life experience, and the help they received from the knowledge of The Color Code and Emotional Intelligence, they now spend their lives teaching others how they too can create, and/or restore positive, meaningful, and successful relationships in their homes, on their jobs, with their kids, and in ALL the relationships of their lives.  They were certified by Color Code International in 2007 and continue to work with corporations, government agencies, school systems, churches in family ministries; basically anyone who has a relationship.

The Bensons have enjoyed a rewarding 34 year business partnership as entrepreneurs.  They are life-long residents of the Joplin area. Van and Tammy have been married for 38 years and have been blessed with four amazing daughters, four incredible "sons", and many grandkids!

​They will help you enhance the quality of ALL relationships in your life.  You will find the unique Color style of The Benson Team to be professional, insightful, and adaptable to your personal needs, as well as the needs and goals of your organization.

A word from Van and Tammy….
Hosea 4:6 says “My people perish from lack of knowledge.” 
Before we found The Color Code, we were perishing in our 25 year marriage. From the moment we discovered our core colors, until now, our relationship as a couple, our relationships with our daughters, and all our relationships in life have been enhanced, and made more fulfilling and successful. Our passion, as Color Code trainers, comes from the real life experience of having been helped so much personally, along with our genuine desire to share with others.