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The training experience creates an understanding that helps people add value to one another. The synergy and trust that flows among team members
as they learn why they are the way they are is astounding.

“I’ve been with this company for 25
years. This is the first training I can
actually take home with me. I think
it will help me be a better husband
and a better dad for my kids.”


We were failing in our marriage relationship, at the 25 year mark.
We were miserable. That's when we found colors, and began our journey back to each other's hearts.


Relationship Training That Works.
At ​Motive Matters, our mission is to teach people to embrace
a higher quality of life by understanding and valuing their motive based personality and the unique personalities of others. We educate people how to develop character, be responsible, and demonstrate legitimate passion for life.  

We care about people and believe the truth in our message empowers people to enjoy lives of service and significance.

Motive Matters training is fun, fascinating, and uniquely relevant in our culture today. Your time with us, in learning the Color Code, will give you insights and knowledge about the best diagnostic tool in existence today for building trust in professional and personal teams.
When you have experienced the powerful combination of The People Code and Van and Tammy Benson, you can never see life or any relationship the same again. They are terrific emissaries of this inviting message because they have personally witnessed its transforming gift in their own lives. Whether you are looking for professional or personal development, the remarkable combination will soon inspire you toward excellence. I whole-heartily recommend them to you. Once you experience both their message and their passion, you will certainly begin to appreciate the gift you gave yourself by bringing them into your life.
Dr. Taylor Hartman, Ph.D., the author of The People Code
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Van and Tammy present The Color Code from an interesting and fascinating standpoint of both business and personal experience. 
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